Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Christmas Card for Property Rights

First, any American not familiar with the (outrageous and dangerous) Kelo descision should take some time to read up on it (give Kelo v. New London on Wikipedia a read).

Susette Kelo, who's property rights were trampled by the decision, sent a rather angry (but certainly apt) Christmas card to members of the New London City Council and New London Development Corporation (the groups responsible for her losing her home.) The text of the card:

Here is my house that you did take
From me to you, this spell I make
Your houses, your homes
Your family, your friends
May they live in misery
That never ends
I curse you all
May you rot in hell
To each of you
I send this spell
For the rest of your lives
I wish you ill
I send this now
By the power of will

George Milne, former president of the New London Development Corporation (and thus a recipeient of the card) commented that the card was "immensely childish" and further added "It's sort of sad she elected to do this ... We were trying to do things for the city. It was nothing personal."

Note to Milne: Any time the government seizes your home, it's personal.

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