Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hello. I'm a Mac. And I'm a Christ Follower.

I was surprised to come across this via Digg, given the inclinations of the Digg community, but some well-produced "Christian" parodies of the "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" commercials made the Digg front page the other day.

I found them clever and humorous, but I'm not so sure about their message.

Like the first commercial, I want to get legalism out of The Church. So did the Apostle Paul. Legalists would benefit greatly by reading Galatians. Or something by Steve McVey. So, OK, good, we're in agreement: grace is the key to the Christian (Christ following) life, not the morality-player-II.

Where I take exception with the parody is with the idea that "wearing [your] heart on [your] sleeve" isn't what the cool Christ Followers do. The world needs more Christians expressing their faith, not fewer – even if it means more tacky bumper stickers out there.

On to the second commercial. Again, some more general agreement. People dressing up "spiffy" for church, for the purpose of getting other people to notice, please know: Jesus isn't a fan.

But, despite the "Christ Follower"'s implications that this makes me, like, so uncool, I'm not keen on dress-down Church. When I go to work, out of respect, I wear a nice outfit. Shouldn't I offer more respect to my God than my company?

And this brings us to number three. As to the "Christian"'s list of six genres that all contain "Contemporary Christian" – hilarious. :-) Beyond that, I really don't like this one. Yes, yes, listening to non-Contemporary-Christian music doesn't make you a bad person or indicate you aren't a "Christ Follower". But I'm of the opinion that whatever you surround yourself with, like music, does have an effect on you; and I'd rather be affected by positive music than music from a guy who drops the F-bomb on national TV. It's that whole "whatever is true, whatever is noble" thing the Bible talks about.

And, finally, number four (which isn't on the ThinkChristian page, but is on YouTube). Surprisingly enough, I like this one. A lot. The Holy Spirit should be integrated in the life of a "Christ Follower". And the punny "fire-wire" line – good stuff.

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