Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tail Light Justice, con't - #2

For those of you still tuning in to my personal Law & Order spin off, Law & Order: Tailight Enforcement Unit, I thought I'd include some pictures of the various documents related to this entire saga. Just fyi, a.) the documents have been redacted so they don't contain information that's a bit more personal than I'd like to post to the interweb; and b.) redacting things is fun!

Let's get started...


Here are the traffic tickets I got:

Insufficient Tail Lamps Ticket

Note the cop's name is "T. Wiebeld." If this guy pulls you over and tells you your taillights aren't working, I strongly suggest you be suspicious.

Failure to Produce Proof of Insurance Ticket

Statement of Correction

Blank Statement of Correction

I found their choice of spelling for "letterhead" to be rather interesting... Of course, they aren't entirely alone.

Completed Statement of Correction

My hat goes off to the service folks at John Holtz Honda. That's where I got both my car and my wife's car. My wife raves about their service; I don't use their service department quite as regularly, but the Monday morning I took my car in to have this Statement of Correction completed, I barely had to wait at all, and the guy who filled it out for me was extremely nice. They filled it out for me for free and didn't try to get me to pay to fix my non-broken tail lights.

Letter from the Court

As you might have assumed, I mailed back both tickets with Not Guilty pleas. And, now, as I write this, my above scheduled court appearance fewer than 12 hours away. Hopefully in the near future I can let the interweb know how my disposition goes...

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