Thursday, February 08, 2007

Joe Scarborough =

As I wrote about before, Joe Scarborough (who, granted, is no Keith Olbermann) is far from the "true conservative" he claims to be.

Last night (February 7, 2008) he shared the same views as ... I know this because he included an except of an ad from as part of his program.


Then there is, of course, the war at home, with Republicans shutting down the debate in the Senate over the president‘s plan to escalate that war in Iraq Ad:

Remember their faces, remember their names, the Republicans of the United States Senate. A majority of Americans oppose escalation in Iraq, yet instead of allowing a vote on escalation, the Republicans blocked the debate.

What makes it all the worse, is that both he and are spinning this. The Democrats are blocking the debate because the Republicans set up (reasonable) terms that if they are going to debate the Democrat resolution about the war, they want to also introduce a resolution by Judd Gregg indicating support for the troops. The Democrats won't let the Republicans introduce the Gregg resolution which is causing the debate to be "blocked".


Of note:  a good round up of the debate about debating the non-binding resolutions.