Friday, March 23, 2007

Battlestar Galactica Season 4

With only one episode of Battlestar left for season three, it's good to hear that SciFi has signed on for a full 22 episode season four.

(Of course, if they hadn't, what exactly would the SciFi channel show!? :-p)

Season 3 started off strong but has been a bit mediocre as of late. My friend, who's kind enough to invite me over to watch Battlestar with him (and feed me, which is quite the nice extra perk!!) and I had momentarily been under the impression that this last week's episode had been the last for season three and we both had the same reaction — that for a finale, it had been kind of (or maybe, exceptionally) weak.

Maybe it's just idealized nostalgia, but I remember the early episodes all being "season-finale" caliber. That boxing/flashback episode this season was so mediocre it prompted "10 Reasons Why Battlestar Galactica is Doomed".

Hopefully the BSG crew can hone in on some of the comments left on Digg per season 4's announcement, many of which represent my sentiments, and make season 4 the best yet.

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