Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Hubris of House

I like the cankerous hubris of the character Gregory House, M.D. on the show "House". That hubris entertainingly saves fictional character's lives! And who's not for saving fictional character's lives? Oh wait, me.

Anway, I don't like the hubris of the Fox TV Network crazily changing the start and end times for this Tuesday's episode of House:

TV schedule showing House starting at the ludicrous time of 9:07 and ending at 10:10

9:07?! 10:10?!

I assume others with TiVo's and TiVo-esque devices like myself have noticed it's become sort of "popular" to over-run episodes by a minute or two. ABC, in my experience, has been the worst at doing this. Lost would run from like 9:00PM to 10:02PM all the time. It's annoying, but missing a minute or two of a show on a different network can still leave you with an enjoyable viewing
experience of the later show. But missing 10 minutes is just ridiculous.

It's even more insulting because the show is only starting seven minutes late. So, not only do they want to play with the start/end times, they also want to add in an extra commercial break. Geez.

Fox: the advertising revenue you would have pulled in from me skipping L&O: Criminal Intent and watching House instead will be going to NBC this week. Hopefully enough people agree with me that this is outrageous that you won't be pulling this again.

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