Friday, April 27, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards: Bush Is A Racist

Elizabeth Edwards on Hardball, implying Bush is a racistNote to the Edwards Campaign: Stop letting Elizabeth Edwards say offensive things.

First it was the "Rabid Rabid Republican" thing. Now it's effectively calling Bush a racist.

Are Democrats really not offended by this stuff? I really hope no one is actually buying what she's putting out there... Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

This may be hard for you to do but I suggest you try actually watching the Moyers documentary.

From a true conservative - and recovering Bush supporter...also try reading americanconmag. Moyers may be liberal but even liberals can tell the truth sometimes. This is one of them. He isn't attacking conservative journalism. He's attacking a press establishment that is in bed with whoever is in power in government. America needs a free press.

kazoolist said...


I assume your comment was actually directed at this post. I'm posting a reply to your comment there.