Sunday, April 01, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell ♥'s Iran & 9-11 Conspiracies

Moonbat of The View:  Rosie O'DonnellThis story has been eating at me all weekend and I'm still in utter shock that any American would believe the Iranian government over the British government and accuse the British and American governments of trying to start a war with Iran. Give me a break.

Of course, claiming there is some conspiracy about how World Trade Center Tower 7 was destroyed on 9/11 is equally outrageous and offensive...

Rather than spending a lot of time getting all worked up and ranting about this, I decided (this being the interweb and all...) to just link to other's who already have:

Thank you Popular Mechanics, WorldNetDaily, and the Blogosphere.

I also can't believe how many blogs are defending Rosie... For serious?!?

The only valid point I found in blogs defending her is that she didn't explicitly say the Bush Administration was behind the destruction of Tower 7. What she did say was plenty offensive without crossing that additional line though.

The biggest distortion the "pro-Rosie" blogs are making though is their claim that Bill O'Reilly is calling for ABC to fire Rosie O'Donnell. O'Reilly did talk about ABC firing her but didn't actually go as far as calling for them to so. Even TMZ is portraying what O'Reilly said as him calling for her to be fired though...

If ABC does fire her, it's overdue. I'm still wishing they had done so when she equated my religious beliefs with those of the men who attacked us on 9/11.

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Anonymous said...

She should be fired,she is a hasbeen,we would all be better off with out her.I don't think many people put much into what she says