Monday, May 14, 2007

ANN: Software Development (Kah Zoohl) List

Since starting this blog, I've been frustrated with how little I've managed to write about technology in general and software development in particular.

So, for those topics I'm starting a new approach: announcing the Software Development (Kah Zoohl) List.

It's a "tumblelog" which is like a blog, but more A.D.D. (or, to not abuse a medical diagnosis, "quick and dirty"). It should prove to be a nice format for quickly linking to good resources in this resource area, which is about 90% of the "blogging" about software development that I want to do anyway. (I do wish Tumblr allowed you to tag posts though... oh well.)

I intend to write some longer posts about software development here on "the main blog" in the future, but in the mean time, I'll concentrate my thoughts about software development on the new tumblelog.

Anyway - go, enjoy: Software Development (Kah Zoohl) List.

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