Thursday, May 17, 2007

Evil Conservatives Want Girls To Get Cancer!

Speaking of lack of good discourse, recently ran an article called "US conservatives block cancer vaccine for girls".

What a great headline. Makes it sounds like conservatives want girls to get cancer.

Not the case. The conservatives aren't even against (or "blocking") the (H.P.V.) vaccine - they are against schools requiring 11 and 12 year olds to get a vaccine that would only protect them from something they can get if they are sexually active.

A child getting a vaccine that would protect them from something they can only get via sexual transmission should be a parent's call. Not that state's.

And, it is not as though this recent legislation prohibits parents from getting the vaccine for their children if they want it. It's just not state-mandated or state-funded.

Despite how they are now getting smeared, a hearty "well done" to these Texas (and apparently West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi and New Mexico) "conservatives".

More here and here via Citizen Link.

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