Monday, May 28, 2007

Iraq War Supplemental

Well, if my math is correct, it took 119 days since President Bush requested it, but the Congress finally approved the Iraq War Supplemental.

I'd like to thank Democrats for coming to their senses, Republicans for not caving in, and Bush for holding strong for a no-strings-attached bill.

Personally, I'm starting to want to see us get out of Iraq, but withholding troop funding while we are in the field is flat out dishonorable, and adding strings to restrict the flexibility of commanders likewise doesn't make sense to me. And, timetables really do let your enemy just wait you out. I also want to see how the surge goes, and pulling the rug from out of it in the middle is yet another that doesn't make any sense to me.

With the signing of the supplemental, Bush and the Congress also managed to piss off Cindy Sheehan (x2!), Castro and From where I stand, that tends to indicate a "job well done."

Of course, in two short months - July - the whole funding debate will be again...

Update: Well, (especially per the upcoming July debate), at least Boehner gets it...

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