Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jimmy Carters Spouts Off Again

Jimmy Carter saying Worst President EverLooking over Digg's top stories today, I noticed Jimmy Carter opened his big mouth again and, in typical fashion, some (most?) on Digg can't praise him enough (or insult the current Administration enough):

President Carter is one of the smartest and noblest men in our day. He dedicated his life to serving men, women and children in every capacity he could. With the heart of a tender-loving parent and decades of service at the highest levels of government comes incredible insight, outstanding judgment and sound wisdom.

I respect him, agree with him and believe these statement represent the feelings of the American people.

- "readthis", 5/19

Give. me. a. break.

Some on Digg know enough history to criticize Carter, but their comments are getting "dugg down."

Meanwhile, over at QandO, some excellent commentary from McQ that I can (heartily) agree with:

The paucity of credibility Jimmy Carter brings to such criticism should be evident to anyone who lived through his presidency. If there is anyone more responsible for feeding the "paper tiger" meme which has so enabled our enemies, I'd like to know who it is. The 444 days in which Iran kidnapped and exploited our embassy employees while he sat morose and powerless stands right up there as the worst, as far as I'm concerned.


Having lived through the Carter presidency and now Bush's, I'll take the latter any day of the week, mistakes, blunders, ineptness and all.

Unfortunately Carter has to be the exception to the unwritten rule that former presidents remain silent about the administrations of serving presidents. Like so much in his miserable life, he can't even get that right. Following that tradition would require grace, restraint and class, virtues Carter has never had.

Instead we're again exposed to the pathetic mewling of a washed up former president who so screwed up his watch that he's reduced to trying to criticize other presidents in hope of having them awarded the "world's worst" crown he's worn since he was run out of DC on a landslide.

Allow me to reiterate that - the unwritten rule that former presidents remain silent about the administrations of serving presidents. Amen.

There's plenty the Bush Administration has screwed up on. Those things deserve criticism and debate. But former presidents should have the perspective, civility, humility, and honor to, at least publicly, keep out of it.

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