Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gas Prices

How High Will Gas Prices Go? Heritage lays out a state by state analysis.

Senate bill 1419 ... boo!


Anonymous said...


You might be interested in the bipartisan amendment to the bill which would bring the mpg required of light trucks from 50+ to about 36, and would include different requirements for cars vs. light trucks.

The amendment is called Pryor-Bond-Levin-Voinovich. For the record, I work for the Auto Alliance in DC and we've got plenty more info about it on our site, DriveCongress.com. Thanks!

kazoolist said...


I like your screenname. Very clever.

I'm all for higher gas milage vehicles, but I'd much rather have it be market- and technology- driven than legislated. Even the lower average of 36 mpg for light trucks seems kind of ridiculous to jam down the throats of auto makers.