Saturday, June 09, 2007

QandO Roundup, June 9

I read "The QandO Blog" almost daily. As far as politics goes, it's the blog I visit the most often. I even find time to listen to both of the two podcasts they put out each week. I like Q and O a lot...

And, it's not as though this is an unusual occurrence, but I found a bunch of their posts for the last day or so to be really on the mark. This is a round up post linking to them.

First, I like the general news coverage and commentary that makes up most Q and O posts. Every so often, Dale Franks, will post a "libertarian philosophy post" though. They are my favorite. Two of them today:

Both are gems of good public discourse and reason. Hopefully the left side of the blogosphere will respond, I'd like to hear counter points, although I think Dale Franks's arguments are pretty sound.

His invocation of "the J-Man" also got me thinking about what a Biblical worldview would say about property rights. Some initial thoughts that bubbled up include The Year of Jubilee, The Bible on Money, Jesus's Parables About Money, The Church on Greed (versus how greed effectively fuels a market driven economy...), Christ's life of poverty, etc., etc. Having spent probably an hour or more thinking though that question, I may very well write a lengthy blog post on the subject if I find time. Hmm... I wonder if I'd be able to find something already written to just link to over on the Acton Institute website... Hmm. Anyway: Yay for intellectual stimulation! :)

... Back to Q and O links ... This time, just standard news coverage/commentary:

Good Stuff.

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