Sunday, July 01, 2007

PBS's "The Supreme Court" Re-airing

PBS's The Supreme CourtIf there ever had been doubt - I am officially a dork. I probably watch more programming from PBS than any other network. Maybe it's so I can feel less bad about being a TV-junkie (although I watch a lot less than the average American's 30 hours a week...) because at least the TV I'm watching is making me smarter, right?

Anyway, one of the best documentaries I've watch on PBS in the last year or so was it's series on The Supreme Court. That series is being re-run this week on my local PBS station (WXXI).

If it's being re-run near you, I highly recommend watching it. It's airing at 10AM where I am, so this is more of a "TiVo-opportunity" than watch-live kinda thing for most, but anyway - in my judgment, it's worth TiVo-ing and watching.

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