Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kuhl and Pork

Having linked to the congressional web site of my congressman, Randy Kuhl, in my post about the Political Party Differences on Pork, I happened upon Kuhl's news page.

It reads like a pork-fest (yick!):

$4,108,393.00 - and that's just for his news from July 17 - July 25, 2007!

Each and every one of these is a local and/or private concern that should be funded with local and/or private money.

Dear Representative Kuhl: Instead of trying to bring back as much pork as possible to our region, could you please cut out the pork spending from our region and nation wide? You push for tax relief on your campaign website - cutting pork will allow you to do exactly that. Perhaps a read of of Dale Frank's essay on the morality of tax policy is in order?

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