Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dropping Support for Fred

You'll note my side banner and blog tag line in support of Fred Thompson have been removed. It's the result of a lot of factors, but the last straw was that, as of tonight, Thompson has skipped all three Republican debates since he announced.

I think there probably are too many debates. I further think most of these debates really don't add much. And, as I currently watch this so called "All-American Presidential Forum" - which is without a question (nearly exclusively) focusing on "black America", not "all America" - I can understand why candidates might be inclined to skip this debate. (I feel I should clarify this - it's worthwhile to discuss the issues facing Americans who happen to be African American, but those issues face all Americans, and I find a debate centered around race to be offensive -- can you imagine the outrage if there was debate who's theme was "tonight we will focus on the issues facing white Americans?")

In any event - back to Fred - zero for three debates since you announce and none in your first month of running? Sorry - that's not going to cut it for me. I still think Fred will make a good president, but my primary vote is no longer secured.

I hope to write up a new recap on my views on the entire field, but right now I'm definitely taking a liking to Alan Keyes who was unequivocally my first choice 8 years ago. I don't think he could get elected in a general election, but wow, the guy is fired up and has solid principles I can resonate with. (And since he's announced, there have been two debates, both of which he has participated in.)

(And I'd still unequivocally like to see see Sarah Palin as VP!)


Stephen R. Maloney said...

Hi Kazoo: Thanks for your continuing support of Sarah. This is a dream that will come true. How are things in the Flower City, originally known as "The Flour City?"

I'll be writing about the following on Monday and Tuesday on my blog:

Question: Why is the media seemingly losing interest in the Iraq War?

Answer: According to columnist Jack Kelly of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the reason is simple: because of the Petraeus strategy, coupled with growing support from former Sunni insurgents, the U.S. is winning the war -- and al Qaeda is losing.

Conclusion: What's good news for America is no news for the media.

On Monday and Tuesday, I'll talk more about Iraq, and the suprising influence it might have on the election.

(Read Jack Kelly's Sunday, October 7 column in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Forum.)


Duffy Moon said...

That's a shame. I'm a Thompson/Palin supporter myself.

I can learn way more about Thompson in five minutes on his website, reading his positions, that I could learn by watching all of the debates. I wouldn't fault him for skipping them all. They're just not designed to learn anything substantive about any candidate.

That's, of course, just my opinion.