Monday, September 10, 2007 betrays US

This. Is. Shameful.

Shameful Moveon ad against Petraeus

Despite what a very small fringe of the very far right might claim, wanting an (even immediate) end to the Iraq war does not make you unpatriotic. But running ads making a groundless claim that a U.S. General is treasonous does. and the New York Times should be ashamed.

Bruce McQuain of QandO writes:

There are few times in my life that I've seen anything this deliberately despicable and vile put out by a political organization. Words simply fail me.

The perpetrators of this execrable ad should be ashamed of themselves. The depth of hate necessary to attempt this sort of character assassination is both irrational and toxic. The organization which put this together deserves only derision and scorn. And they should understand that I do question their patriotism. This is way over the line and is anti-American by any measure or metric.


The fact they ran this ad even before Petraeus actually testified only adds shame on their heads.

John Kerry and other congressional Democrats are distancing themselves from the ad, and I applaud them for doing so. "[stands] by the ad completely" however.

This war deserves new and continued debate. Third grade name calling that calls a general a traitor adds nothing to that debate.

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