Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fred to Mitt

It appears my shift is not in isolation. Rusty Shackleford makes his case here. He has points I disagree with, but his case is what it is.

Mitt also essentially makes his plea.

And, if unscientific internet polls are anything to go, on Mitt can except 74 - 77% of former Fred supporters to move his way.

Finally, it's worth noting, that while the media continues to ignore the wins Mitt has had (Michigan, Nevada, and Wyoming ... I'm not even sure if the network news anchors are aware that Wyoming had it's caucus...), Mitt is leading in the delegate scorecard (and fairly dramatically):

Romney - 72
McCain - 38
Huckabee - 29
Thompson - 8
Paul - 6
Giulliani - 2
Hunter - 1

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