Sunday, January 27, 2008

More on McCain

Yesterday at the corner, Stanley Kurtz asked "A statistic we’ve been hearing a lot lately is John McCain’s 82.3 lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union. It’s an important piece of information, but inquiring minds want to know more. Specifically, what is John McCain’s ACU rating for the past eight years?"

Ramesh Ponnuru responds:
2000: 81
2001: 68
2002: 78
2003: 80
2004: 72
2005: 80
2006: 65

That's right, every year since 2000 has been below his life time average. And 2000's 68 and 2006's 65 are really concerning.

Ronald Reagan famously said that "that person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally" ... but what about only 65 percent of the time?

Meanwhile, McCain also deals a low - and false - blow against Romney in his latest ad which claims Romney was in favor of a time line to withdrawal from Iraq. His ad is a lie and shameful. For details, see Time, NRO / the AP, or Hot Air.

Smacks of McCain's similar low-blow, attack ad against Bush in 2000.

McCain is not only making me more and more solidly against voting for him the primary, but if he keeps this up, if it's him in November, I may sit on my hands.

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