Sunday, February 10, 2008

Newt on McCain

Newt's position is basically the same as where mine is now..

Quote 1:

The fact is that [if] Senator McCain ends up as president, there will be days we fight him and there will be days that we are for him. I think we will be fighting Senator Clinton or Senator Obama a lot more often but I don't think we should have this leader principle that whoever get to be the head of the Republican Party we should all salute.

For me personally, I will support John McCain compared to either of the Democrats because on the Supreme Court and a whole range of issues I think he's dramatically better for America.

But I will also reserve the right to oppose him on issues where I think he is fundamentally wrong.

Newt also drove home the need to have McCain's future bi-partisan proposals be based on conservative principles (which is why I suggested that McCain could score big points with me if he embraced Newt in a potential administration).

Quote 2:

When we did something that was very popular, we got a lot of Democratic votes ... but we built our bi-partisanship on fundamental reforms supported by the American people, so the American people were driving Democrats our way. We did not build our bipartisanship on moving to the left to accommodate left wing Democrats.

(H/T HotAir)

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