Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thoughts on a super-awful Tuesday


We started the night with four (if you count Ron Paul) iffy choices. We wind up with the worst. With the results that have come in, I can't see how the Republican nomination can go to anyone but McCain.

Let me re-iterate: Ouch.

"Three-legged-stool conservatives" should have voted against McCain for all the reasons Rush laid out. Social conservatives should have voted against McCain for all the reasons Dobson gave. (Is it social issues you care about Senator? Oh.) Fiscal conservatives should have voted against McCain for all the reasons The Club For Growth gave. His only strength is national defense.

Huckabee still thinks he can win. He's delusional. He should realize he's a McCain puppet being used to spoil things from Romney (West Virginia, anyone?).

If I were Romney, I'd stop wasting my money, and I suspect that's what he'll do. He promised things weren't over today, but ... come on.

There is a movement to raise money for the Republican Party on the 7th. No, I don't want to see Hillary or Obama in the whitehouse, but if the Republican party is going to put forward McCain, they don't get my money. I'm a conservative above a Republican. McCain has spit in the eye of conservatives one too many times.

I'm now hoping Hillary will win over Obama because I think she'll be more divisive and more likely to lead to a pick up of Republican congressional seats and four years of deadlock (even eight years of a deadlocked-Hillary would be better than 4 years of McCain and the McCain-Feingold/McCain-Kennedy/McCain-Lieberman -esque "crossing party lines" bad policy he'd push...). I also think, despite her rhetoric, Hillary won't do anything (too) foolish in withdrawing from Iraq. I can only hope. If Democrats royally screw up national defense, maybe we can still squeak out of a few years of safety until a true conservative could be elected in 2012.

Nearing my last thoughts on the GOP side ... on the exit polls ... how in the world do most Republican primary votes NOT describe themselves as "conservatives"? Are we letting independents (non-party members) dictate who our party puts forth for the general election or has conservatism just died a terrible terrible death? I think it's the later, and I'm in mourning...

OK, last thoughts on the GOP race: McCain is on now making his speech. Lieberman is prominently positioned to his right. How fitting. Not only that he has a Democrat prominently on display, but that Lieberman is to his right. Oh - and now he's congratulating Huckabee. Yeah, he had a heck of a win in West Virginia where you gave him your votes to screw Mitt. ... Now congratulating Mitt. His crowd's dramatically quieter applause is telling.

Oh man, he just tried to reach out to conservatives, but in doing so, he called Democrats "our friends" and is talking about the conservative principles he claims to support but has repeatedly spit in the face of...

OK - one final time: Ouch. What an awful day for the GOP.

Now thoughts on Obama.... He's on making his speech now. Some envy: Why can't the GOP have a candidate that's charismatic and believes in his party's platform like the Democrats get?

Also, why doesn't Obama ever have to actually lay out a policy proposal or accomplishment? Cha-cha-change, yes-we-can-yes-we-can, and it's-all-about-you-you-you don't tell me how you'll govern, sir...

Well, now he's attacking Bush and the Republican candidates. Starting to show his true colors? Somehow I think people will continue to be misled that somehow he's a moderate interested in bipartisanship.

Oh wow, some policy suggestions. Tax funding of college educations. Pulling out of Iraq. Big big big government. That's moderate right?

And, back to cha-cha-change. "Ordinary people can still do extraordinary things." Sounds nice. I'd prefer you were honest and just admit you're a liberal.

Nope, back to the prose: "We are the change you seek", "yes-they-can", "we are the hope of the father who goes to work before dawn", "yes-he-can", "we are the hope of the woman who hear her city will not be rebuilt", "yes-she-can", "we are the hope of the future", "we know that we have seen something happen", "we know that what began as a whisper has swelled to a chorus that can not be ignored", "a hymn that will heal this nation", "YES WE CAN YES WE CAN YES WE CAN"...

With all respect, I hope you can't (is my hope audacious?) Government's gotten plenty big under Bush. I'd hate to see it under your leadership, Senator.

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