Monday, February 04, 2008

Throttling Sparrows

From Dale Frank's Random Superbowl Notes:

I’m a little tired of this God stuff. "How do yo feel about this victory?" "Well, first, I want to thank God for giving us the victory." Why is it always God running the show when you win, but not when you lose? Just once, I’d like to see this interview: "Well, you guys played hard to tonight but you just couldn’t pull it off. What are your thoughts about today’s game?" "Well, Jesus screwed us today, Troy. We did everything we could, but Jesus just stacked the deck against us. I’m converting to Buddhism as a result of this travesty." God may know when the littlest sparrow falls, but that doesn’t mean he’s out there throttling the poor birds himself. By the same token, he isn’t actively trying to beat the spread in Vegas. I suspect God has more important things to do than slipping on the Motorola headphones to transmit his preferred game plan to the Holy Spirit for execution down on the field.

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