Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Holy Goodness... Dems calling to Nationalize Oil Companies

It took me a while to pick my jaw off the floor for this one:

So, that sneaking suspicion conservatives have that liberals really do want to socialize things is apparently not too far off...

Good write up on this by McQ over at QandO. And several gems from McQ in an earlier post on gas prices, including:

When confronted with the reality that oil must be an integral and growing part of at least the short-term solution to our energy problem the usual suspects retreat into the cave, begin banging their tribal one-note drum and resort to petulant insult rather than signaling a willingness to discuss changing their mind for the good of their fellow citizens. A typical example of that would be the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who, while respectfully calling the Vice President “oil man Cheney” said this:

"So all that Cheney can talk about, the Oil Man Cheney can talk about, is drilling, drilling drilling. But there is not enough oil in America to make that the salvation to our problems."

Of course the 1.5 trillion barrels sitting in western US shale alone, not to mention the 89.5 billion barrels offshore, show Harry Reid to either be incredibly ignorant, in which case he should just keep quiet, or a plain old liar. The fact is the shale reserve alone would fulfill all our energy needs for about 200 years.

"The Oil Man Cheney"? Falling back on an ad-hominem? Give me a break! I would hope for so much better from any Senator, especially a majority leader! Ugh.

And people want persons like Harry Reid to build and operate refineries and/or America's entire oil industry. Genius!

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