Monday, August 11, 2008

Either Pizza Hut Can't Do Math Or...

they are trying to rip people off...

As a rule, I don't buy pizza from Pizza Hut because I don't like giving business to a company which prefers to have their their employees be murdered than Constitutionally defend their lives. But it's my wife's favorite pizza place, so the rule is occasionally broken.

In any event, today, while attempting to order from Pizza Hut using their website they tried to rip me off by $3.00. I wound up calling the store directly and got the correct price, but if I had ordered via their website I would have paid a mysterious three bucks. Observe:

Exhibit A:
Pizza Hut Coupon

Two pizzas, double breadsticks, $24.99.

Exhibit B:

Two pizzas, double breadsticks, $27.99.


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