Tuesday, August 26, 2008

With Friends Like These

From a technical/political perspective, Hillary Clinton gave a solid speech tonight. If you're a liberal who believes in the things Clinton and Obama do, and you were thinking of not voting for Obama simply because he's not Hillary Clinton, I'm sure you've now "seen the light".

With that said, it was really underhanded and distasteful for her to begin her attack on McCain with "Now, John McCain is my colleague and my friend; He has served our country with honor and courage". It's fine for you to criticize the candidate of the other party, but if you're going to rip into someone with claims that suggest he doesn't care about Americans in financial difficulty or women being discriminated against, cut the crap and avoid the niceties. Friends don't do that to friends.

Also, the whole tying McCain to Bush thing is getting really old. I'm sure millions of American will buy in to this distortion, but McCain's not Bush. He has his own record. Judge him for it and not someone else's. It's no more legitimate to claim that McCain would be four more years of Bush than it would be to say that Obama would be four years like the last two with Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid while holding the reigns of Congress - the branch with an approval rating a full 12 points below Bush's. (Their 18% makes Bush's 30% look pretty darn good).

While I'm the tangent of Bush versus Reid/Pelosi, it's worth pointing out that the economy only got bad since they took control of Congress. For instance, here's a handy chart on gas prices:

But back on topic: Pelosi, Reid, and Bush aren't running for President. McCain and Obama are. Judge their records, plans, and promises, not those of people not running.

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