Monday, September 15, 2008

Important Trooper-gate Developments

I've discussed the whole absurdity of the Trooper-gate controversy previously. There have been two recent and important developments.

First comes the news, with a supporting audio recording, that "Trooper-gate" investigator, Steven Branchflower, is not in control of who is being subpoenaed. He apparently has ceded control on this to Democratic Alaska Senator Hollis French who's indicated he's out to get Palin impeached. Add to this that French has endorsed and is actively supporting Obama, and has indicated (threatened?) that's he trying to use this to create an "October surprise" for McCain-Palin. So, no conflict of interest there, right?

This whole thing reeks of the kind of corruption Palin campaigned against and has been fighting against as governor.

The second development is the release of a bunch of Alaska-government e-mails that pretty clearly make these case that Governor Palin dismissed former Alaska Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan for the reasons she stated she did: that Monegan was failing to fill state trooper vacancies, coming up short on battling alcohol abuse issues, and wasn't a team player on budgeting issues. If you want the full story on this, read this.

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