Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Democrats Think You're Stupid

At least, that's the only explanation I can come up with.

The Democratic National Committee is running smear sites peddling outright distortions any informed voter should be able to see through.

The first DNC smear site is "ExxonMcCain":

ExxonMcCain Smear Site logo

The premise of that site is to distort McCain's proposal to lower the overall corporate tax rate (which would benefit all corporations, so ExxonMobile - being a corporation - benefits as a side effect) into some huge hand out to oil companies. Biden and Obama like to talk about McCain's "tax cut for the oil companies" too, which is a deliberate effort to mislead; but this site takes it to a whole different level.

(And, by the way, for 2007, if you combine amount of taxes paid by the bottom half of all tax filers, you'll come to an amount that's still less than the amount of taxes ExxonMobile paid. [1])

The second DNC smear site is "The Next Cheney"

The Next Cheney Smear Site Logo

Sarah Palin = Dick Cheney. Riiiiiight. The conventional wisdom among the DNC is that Cheney is in cahoots with Big Oil, and the biggest stretch they make on this smear site is that Palin is too. In fact, Palin pushed for (and succeeded with) a $1200.00 Alaska Resource Rebate paid for out of oil company profits. Give me a break.

They DNC is at best twisting the truth and it would not be unfair to say they're lying. That should give you pause about letting their candidates take control of both chambers of the Congress and the presidency.

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