Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For the record, Obama has made numerous hypocritical attacks

This campaign has shown that Obama hypocritically attacks his opponents for things that are equally true of himself.

As a few of many examples:

In the primary, he attacked Hillary Clinton for "taking money from oil companies", but by the same standard by which he leveled his attack, Obama, too, was "taking money from oil companies".

Now in the general election campaign, he has attacked McCain because's McCain's chief strategist own a lobbying firm ... but the same is true of Obama's chief strategist.

He even attacked both McCain and Clinton with this line back in February: "Unlike Senator Clinton or Senator McCain, we haven't taken a dime from Washington lobbyists or special interest PACs," which was just outright false.

One of the most recent attacks has been against McCain running negative ads, but Obama's spent more on negative ads than any other candidate in history.

The extent of Obama's hypocrisy even goes so far that he smears people while trying to "fight the smears" about himself.

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