Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fred Thompson on McCain

Fred Thompson does an excellent job layout out the case of McCain, which is one part fantastic, and one part utterly frustrating because the McCain campaign hasn't been able to make nearly as good of a case for itself on their own in the last however-many-months.

The full twelve minute (and high def) version of Fred's speech is available here.


Rickey said...

Eh, despite your blathering, it really doesn't matter any more. Spoiler alert!: Obama wins!Your foolish pick of Palin cost you guys the election. Rickey says good riddance. Have fun losing the Presidency and the entire legislative body. Your own party betrayed you. You sad silly fool.

kazoolist said...


They say ignoring trolls is the right way to go, so maybe this is a mistake, but:

a.) Wow. Name calling. How 4th grade of you!

b.) I'm half inclined to ignore your comment because of it's juvenile and foolish tone, however:

1. Per my "blathering" - do you care to engage me about my concerns with an Obama presidency or are you content to take the intellectually-lazy route and dismiss what you disagree with some derogatory noun for my writing?

We are about to elect a man who spent less than two years in the Senate before starting his presidential campaign. Who has been content to associate himself with those on the very farthest extremes of the left. Who admits he wants to spread around the wealth. And who's campaign has used thug-like tactics to try to silence their critics.

That's concerning.

2. Sarah Palin was perhaps the only right move the McCain camp made. She has a strong record of reform and is the only one on either ticket with actual experience running a government. She gave two awful interviews, and unfortunately, that's the impression Americans have taken away. As someone following her for well over a year, I've seen her give plenty of excellent interviews, displaying her competence again and again. It is unfortunate most of American and the press made up their mind based on those bad interviews.