Monday, October 20, 2008

Sweet on Obama Sixteen

Sweet on Obama Sixteen LogoThis is humorous. Well, sort of. It's also disturbing that the media is so in the tank this can exist:

The Media Research Council and News Busters are doing a NCAA-bracket style Sweet On Obama Sixteen poll to vote on the most over the top and in-the-tank for Obama:

The American people in poll after poll and in greater and growing numbers are railing against the egregious liberal bias of the press. And nowhere are the media more horrendously slanted than in their coverage of the presidential campaign of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. They are (to say the least) very, very sweet on him.

The MRC has put together this college basketball tournament-style bracket event, the Sweet-On-Obama Sixteen Media Bias Tournament, so that these angered members of the media’s audience can vote for who gives Sen. Obama the most loving and fawning coverage of all.

Voting for the Sweet-On-Obama Sixteen begins on Monday, October 6th and lasts for one week.

On Monday, October 13th we will announce the Round One winners – those who have advanced to the Enamored Eight. Voting for the Enamored Eight begins then and lasts throughout that week.

On Monday, October 20th, we will make known the names of those who have advanced to the Infatuated Four, and begin that week’s voting to determine who will square off in the finals.

We will announce those winners on Monday, October 27th and begin a week’s worth of voting to determine the Media’s Most Valuable Partisan (MVP), to be proclaimed with much fanfare on Monday, November 3rd. Who in the press gets the greatest thrill up his or her leg in covering their favorite candidate? Now it can be decided.

This week they are down to the "Infatuated Four." I'm pulling for Chris "thrill up my leg" Matthews.

For this week: Vote early. Vote often.

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