Saturday, January 17, 2009

Google thinks California's voters' votes shouldn't count

Google, not content that their campaign against Proposition 8 failed, is now joining the legal battle to overturn the vote of the people of California.

A company working to overturn the vote of the California voters. This is shameful and disturbing.

As I've mentioned previously, I'd prefer Google (and any other company) to just stay out of the whole thing. I'd be equally uneasy if they had been (and were now) advocating in favor of Proposition 8. Technology companies should simply not be trying to set social policy. And taking it to this point where they are trying to overthrow the will of the people ... ugh., anyone?

Also, if you want to support the effort to defend the California voters' decision, head over to the Alliance Defense Fund.

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Equalilty4All said...

That 'Will of The People' argument is not only incredibly ignorant, but displays a remedial knowledge of our American court system.

First of all, allow me to educate kazoolist, et al, on American history in that the court system was created not only as a means of Checks and Balances to protect We The People from the Government, but also to protect us from We The People, themselves.

The Courts exist to interprest all laws for State and Federal Constitutionality to prevent the masses from say reinstituting slavery, doing away with a speed limit, outlawing interracial marriage, or maybe shipping all Religious Fanatics to Antarctica!

In a society that calls itself Free, the Government should not, on ANY level, legislate the selection of a marriage partner. The fact that this even was allowed to make it to a ballot shows that Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is on the verge of morphing into a fascist Theocracy. The ONLY, I repeat, ONLY basis for argument in favor of Prop 8 is a childish and medieval fear that an invisible man in the sky will reign down fire and brimstone on us all if allowed. Yeah, and the Earth is flat and the Moon is made of cheese!! Grow up!

In fact, for those countries that allow same-sex marriage, divorce rates in general have declined. America is technologically advanced but socially medieval. Resurrections, virgin births, Mary on a Grilled Cheese, and Nuclear Weaponry!! How frightening.

Furthermore, if protection of marriage is the REAL reason for Prop 8, then why don't we outlaw divorce? Rhetorical: Prejudice, bigotry, and overall stupidity is the REAL reason for Prop 8.

Our society has no problem with men going to war and murdering men, but if they want to marry each other, that's a sin? Moronic! Then there's UFC! I watched a little, channel surfing, and saw two half-naked men, one on their back with their legs wrapped around the other, but because it was within the context of two men beating the crap out of each other and drawing blood, their well-paid and perform in front of an audience. I don't see the Pro-family Prop 8-ers calling foul on that! I guess it's all right for kids to watch men murder each other and engage in violent acts than it is to engage in an act of love. Is that what Jesus would do? No wonder I'm not a Christian!

Lastly, kazoolist asks Google to stay out of the whole thing. What a hypocrite!! Google should stay out of the marriage argument, but kazoolist, et al, thinks it's all right for mouth-breathing, bible-bangers to legislate marriage in a country whose Federal Constitution calls from Separate of Church and State.

I invite Kazoolist and all the other Prop 8-ers to move to Texas or one of the Square States and keep California the free-thinking Blue State it should be.