Saturday, December 23, 2006

John McLaughlin - Ready for Christmas

John McLaughlin of The McLaughlin Group is certainly ready for Christmas:

Update: I posted the image prior to actually watching the episode. The episode has a rather comical interchange between McLaughlin and Tony Blankley specifically about the jacket which I thought I'd share:

McLaughlin: I noticed you're staring at my jacket.

Blankley: It's a very handsome jacket. I covet it. (Laughter.)

McLaughlin: You do covet it?

Blankley: I do covet it, yes.

McLaughlin: Last time we raised this subject, you told me it belongs on a horse.

Blankley: Well, nothing wrong with that.

McLaughlin: A stallion, no doubt.

Blankley: Our horses are well-dressed.

Hmm... perhaps the exchange loses something when put in text... Well, if you really care to, give the episode a view (published-for-streaming .asx; published-for-podcasting .mp4) or a listen (published-for-podcasting .mp3). It's their year-end/wrap-up show, and worth checking out even if McLaughlin wasn't wearing a ridiculous jacket.

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