Thursday, December 21, 2006

Secret Law Is an Instrument of Tyranny

I'm sure I'd disagree with Peter Swire, Privacy Czar under President Clinton, on lots of things, but this quote is worth passing on:

Secret law is an instrument of tyranny.

Well said.

His quote comes from a story, Travelers Test Rules on Flying Without Identification (mp3), done by NPR's Morning Edition.

The story concerns the TSA's policy to not inform the public what their policy is about traveling without identification (refusal to tell the American people what laws they are required to live under).

More information about the case NPR highlights is available here. Amongst with those that would call themselves "civil libertarians," I probably fall a lot further on the "security side" than most in the "security v. liberty" fight, but not being told what the laws are is just outrageous.

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