Monday, January 01, 2007

Mark Yannone - Plagiarist?

Well, despite how it looks, I'm really not trying to pick a fight, and hopefully this will be my last post having anything to do with this Yannone fellow...

But, poking around while looking into his whole linking to the Jesse Macbath video, 6 months late thing, I learned two interesting things about Mark Yannone.

First, he's a former (or perhaps perennial) Libertarian congressional candidate. I'm all for Libertarian politics; I prefer libertarians who are a little more even-keeled on the war on terror though. (Compare this with this).

Second, he has twenty-three, yes - count them - 23 blogs ranging in topic from Splenda Sickness to Correct English.

Now I barely find time to maintain one blog. So, I tried to figure it out how he manages 23. I think I figured out his secret — plagiarism! Check out this fashion article at the Telegraph. Compare it with this blog post.

At least this one links to the article it's ripping off.

Ironically, those blog posts link to, the bottom banner of which reads:

copyright 2004-2006 Mark and Cherie Yannone
all rights reserved... so no stealing

Do as I say, not as a do?

(Also, for the record — fouride free toothpastenot a good idea.)

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