Saturday, December 30, 2006

Jesse Macbeth - Still A Fraud

While writing my post on the Kelo Christmas Card, I came across this blog and it's post on the Kelo Christmas Card story.

After a brief perusal of I quickly realized this Mark Yannone guy and I disagree on a lot.

For instance this kind of thing:

The people of the United States are not under attack. But our federal government has become an illegal aggressor that is attacking and killing hundreds of thousands of innocents without provocation. This country is asking unwary citizens to sell their souls to the Devil in return for a lifetime of nightmares, maybe permanent physical injury, perhaps death. For what? For nothing.

Which, generally, I'd simply dismiss as "moonbat-ery" and move along.

But then I found a post he wrote — last week — praising the commentary of Jesse Macbeth. Jesse Macbath was roundly dismissed as a fraudmore than six months ago.

How disappointing that one of the top results when you google for "kelo christmas card" is a blog praising the thoughts of a deceitful anti-war protester.

Update: Well, apparently Mark Yannone moderates his comments (the one I left has not appeared on his blog), but based on my and/or others' feedback, he's now added the following introductory text to his post:

Some have claimed that this video is a pack of lies. If this fellow's story is true, I would expect to hear that Jessie Macbeth had been arrested and tried for the crimes he confesses to in this video.

Interestingly enough, Jesse Macbath apparently has been arrested and is in custody. Not for anything Iraq related (remember, he's never been to Iraq); but rather for two counts of violating a court order and two counts for assault in the 4th degree.

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