Friday, May 25, 2007

Hasselbeck Shows Rosie For the Bully She Is

Elisabeth Hasselbeck finally found her spine. And apparently, as a result, Rosie is leaving The View three weeks before her contract is up. I guess when yelling over your opponents stops being an effective tactic, it's time to go.

Nicely done, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Rosie: you won't be missed.

Addendum: In writing up this post, I had to ask myself why I even care about Rosie O'Donnel. Or The View. It's not as though I watch The View. Although, with the amount of media coverage the Hasselbeck-O'Donnel exchanges get, it's almost like I do watch it...

I've come to the conclusion that I care for two reasons.

One, when Rosie slammed Christians with her statement that "radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America", I took that personally. I'm a the-Bible-is-true kind of Christian, which I'm sure is the kind of Christian she meant by "radical". But I'm no terrorist, and being likened to such is down right offensive. And of course, that was far from the only offensive thing she said about people of faith.

Two, I've been in arguments where the person I'm debating tries to win by being a bully. I hate those situations. And when I see someone doing that same kind of thing to someone, it makes me sick. Yelling your opinion doesn't make you right. Talking over someone else doesn't make you right. And yes, I'd hope other media personalities would learn this lesson as well. O'Donnel, O'Reilly, Stewart, Coulter, Moore, Limbaugh, Frankin, ... the list goes on ... they are all bullying bomb-throwers to one degree or another and I submit that their bomb-throwing is ruining public discourse.

Update: Not being able to move away from this story as quickly as it would be good for me to, I wound up on Rosie's blog. Wow. It reads like a 13 year old sending angry, haiku-style, text messages.

Update x2 (5/28): Picking up from the "Wow" in my first update... Double Wow. Triple Wow.

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