Friday, May 25, 2007

And I'm a Progressive

Yes, yes, this is an intellectually lazy indulgence, but I found it humorous:

Slightly less intellectually lazy, but equally enjoyable (for me) was this pair of comments on the video over on YouTube:

Grebrook: Lame and pathetic. It's the same old meaningless Republican talking point being kicked around, except they put it on youtube. There's nothing funny about it. In actuality, Dems never pretended to be "conservative" on natioanl security issues, they promised to withdraw the troops. So get your facts straight. You lost because America isn't conservative.

robertjag: Uh, the dems promised to withdraw the troops. So why haven't they? They can kill the funding which ends the war. Why are they NOT voting to kill the funding? I thought it was the will of the people! Why did they LOSE 14-80 in the house??

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