Thursday, September 06, 2007

You Broke It, You Bought It?

Is Huckabee serious?! The reason to continue supporting the war is because "you broke it, you bought it"?!

Heck no - the reason to continue supporting the war is because it's in our national interest - not because of some trite folks-saying. This is perhaps the weakest argument for the war I've heard, and we've been putting up with exceptionally weak arguments from Bush for four and a half years.

The corollary of this reasoning seems to me to be that we simply have to live with the negative consequences ("buy it") of borders the government has left "broken". Ron Paul might suggest we could elect new leaders to fix the problem ... but no! - the Huckabee folk-saying clearly dictates that we must stand united behind "buying" the negative consequences -- amnesty it is -- we passively allowed illegal immigrants to cross the border, and, "you broke it, you bought it!"

Furthermore, I can't believe he classified U.S. action in Iraq as "breaking" Iraq. There's truth to that, but saying that does not strike me as being particularly deft and I think it hinders, rather than helps, the "support the war" cause.

There's a lot of things I like about Huckabee, but this just adds to my conception that he really just doesn't "get" foreign policy like many of the other GOP candidates.

... On the other hand, maybe what he said was brilliant and I just don't get it ... Allahpundit and the community over at HotAir seem to be eating it up. Perhaps they just enjoy cheering on anyone going after Ron Paul?

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Anonymous said...

I don't believe Huckabee thinks that we "broke" iraq in the sense that it was a mistake. But instead, we broke their governmental system and completely changed their lives. To leave now after we've crushed their government and haven't left in place a government capable of civil society is just crazy.

I think his intent was more along the lines of "You started it, you finish it."