Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Economics of Marriage

To quote the introduction, "This week Slate is publishing two excerpts from Tim Harford's new book, The Logic of Life, which is premised on the notion that if we want to understand our world—or how to change it—we must first understand the rational choices that shape it."

The two excerpts are great reads. They read a lot like Freaknomics, a book that shares the excerpt's life-through-the-lens-of-economics basis (and which I also recommend). And for people that share a "family-values-based" concern about the direction marriage is headed, I think these two excerpts are a must-read. Unfortunately, I can see "pro-family-values" leaders lazily (ignorantly) dismissing these pieces like various conservative leaders dismissed the abortion-lowered-90s-crime-rates argument given by Freakonomics).

Anyway: Excerpt one. Excerpt two.

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