Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No Video For You, Silly Mac-Using Republican!

I've been recording PBS's 8pm - 11pm coverage of the Democratic convention, as I'm a political-dweeb that wants to be able to watch about as much as possible of it, but watching it recorded lets me 30-second-skip which is probably good for my blood pressure. (Three straight hours of Democrats ... let me tell you!)

Anyway, tonight I forgot to record it, and as such only caught from just after the start of Biden's speech until The Grand Entrance. With the punditry abuzz about Bill Clinton's speech, I figured, this is 2008, his speech should be somewhere on the interweb that I can watch it. Googling led me to the convention web site, where I was rudely greeted with the following:

I guess that's what I get for using such an ancient (3 whole years old!) Macintosh. What's really driving this is that my Mac isn't Intel-based, it's PPC-based, and the Dem Convention website requires Microsoft Silverlight, but Microsoft doesn't provide a version of Silverlight for PPC-based Macs. But that's getting into nerdery we don't need to get into.

I was happy to see that the Slashdot folks are predictably outraged at this. At least some other nerds are feeling my pain. Also interesting - the techno-geeks apparently hate Biden. Who knew?

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