Sunday, November 02, 2008

Voter Fraud

Voter fraud has been in the new lately. Largely because of ACORN, and ACORN, and ACORN, and ACORN (and it's not like that's the completion of ACORN fraud reports, but I think I've made my point).

It's something to take seriously.

John Fund has recently released a new book documenting serious cases of voter fraud and their implications. I suggest taking some time and listening to his lecture at the Heritage Foundation about the book. It's fairly depressing, but important to realize.

Something seriously needs to be done to address this.

The Voter Fraud Squad is compiling information about all these voter fraud cases. It's unfortunate this site is able to exist. It's worth keeping an eye on.

Their parent organization provides some steps you should take should you see vote fraud happening.

The McCain Campaign has also launched a "Honest and Open Elections Hotline": 1-866-976-VOTE.

A search for "obama voter fraud hotline" doesn't turn up a similar number for Obama (although it does turn up allegations the Obama campaign has engaged in voter fraud - hopefully untrue, although his record of dirty politics and campaign funding of ACORN makes me hesitant to dismiss it out of hand). If such a number does turn up, it would be great if someone could post it in the comments.

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